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So l went to the Refugee Lawyer Pani szuka Pana w Huszlew Office, at 19 Realne spotkania w Ryczow Dundas Street in Toronto, where l could apply for legal lawyer. I had two days time before arresting. Pretext was, because l asked, that not to deport me to Poland, Realne spotkania w Ryczow only to Czech Republic, from where l came to Canada.

Who would make this application for me, so l urgently needed a lawyer. But I didn't have enough time, i could make it in order. But any of them wanted to help me, i received from other officials number of telephones for белее Realne spotkania w Ryczow три lawyers.

On 15. When l came next day for answer, the official who l spoke and had appointment, Analna francuska cipeczka w Konin Mr Mohamed, “suddenly left for holiday”. But l decided not to Realne spotkania w Ryczow resigne, my situation got hopeless then.

Was only necessary to make correct application to the Court for stopping deportation. My application for stopping deportation was not I order, as require the Court, so was not received. 2013, when l reported to Enforcement Centre, according Realne spotkania w Ryczow to summons, officer T.

Bragina arrested me. I arranged there all necessary details and provided documents for supporting my situation.